Loyalty Operations Director

Loyalty Solutions | Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

At Bond we design customer engagement solutions for our clients, all with the goal of helping them build ever-stronger loyalty to their brands. That can take us in some pretty amazing directions, and as a Loyalty Operations Director you’ll have your hands on the wheel as we drive the future of loyalty.  

So take a moment to ask yourself this: Do you love working with clients? Are you looking for an opportunity to lead and inspire a large cross-functional team and make a difference in how we deliver our loyalty solutions in an environment that blends the agile approach of an entrepreneurial and company-building dimensions of a start-up with the operating discipline, reputation and reach of a large, well-established industry leader? Yes? Good. This could be a great opportunity for you. And us!   

A typical day in this role might include: 

  • Leading and overseeing the delivery of various loyalty initiatives spanning member contact centre services, member reward services to cross-organization loyalty initiatives and projects
  • Championing collaboration to lead client focused solution development
  • Ensuring everything we deliver is exceeding our clients’ expectations
  • Developing an in-depth knowledge of our client’s business, programs and brands and being able to find solutions to their business challenges
  • Developing and implementing business and operational processes.
  • Dealing with delivery and execution issues and ensuring solutions are put in place to prevent them from happening again
  • Participate as a member of Leadership Council
  • Being part of the business development process
  • Coaching the team on financial management from an administrative and business management perspective
  • Ensure financial processes and accurate reporting protocols are established and followed (i.e. quoting, tracking of costs, resourcing requirements, invoicing) 

Do these statements describe you? 

  • I have at least 8 years of experience in a professional, client focused environment
  • I have 5 years of loyalty marketing experience
  • I have led and inspired large teams to deliver great work
  • I have built relationships that go beyond day-day business; I am my clients’ most heartfelt advocate, and my teams’ most supportive leader
  • When I work on a project, big or small, I’m driven by two words: Own it
  • I am passionate about understanding what motivates people to be loyal to a brand
  • To thrive in business and life it’s important to create bonds
  • Pass the headbands, ‘cause I sweat the details
  • Plan and Adapt. Always keeping the client objectives in mind. That’s me.

 Why Join Us?

We’re 400(ish) people working tirelessly together to make the world a more loyal place. You’ll be joining a hyper-talented team with a galaxy of skillsets ranging from research to creative to digital and beyond. You’ll have an excellent opportunity to grow, learn and make an impact as we tackle some of our client’s biggest business challenges.  

If you’re looking to build your career, build your skills and build bonds apply today!