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Customer Experience Coach

Customer Experience | Mississauga - Across Canada, Canada

At Bond, we design creative and innovative solutions for our clients, all with the goal of helping them build ever-stronger loyalty to their brands. That can take us in some amazing directions, and as a Customer Experience Coach you’ll have your hands on the wheel as we drive the future of loyalty. 


So take a moment to ask yourself this: Do you love driving transformational change through coaching? Yes? Good. This could be a great opportunity for you. And us! 


As a Customer Experience Coach, you will:


  • Drive transformational in-dealership culture changing initiatives in the Automotive industry
  • Partner with multiple Stores (dealerships) to create industry leading customer experience
  • Utilize your outstanding coaching and facilitation to coach in-Store individuals to reach new performance heights and customer excellence levels
  • Passionately deliver programs geared toward making the Auto Maker expand its market leading position and help them create a signature experience for their brand
  • Work with dealers directly on scheduling and delivering full-day coaching visits and providing reports following each visit
  • Stay connected with dealerships through follow-up to visits
  • Attend regional introduction event as well as Summit sessions, monthly Coach Conference Calls and any other training events


Do these statements describe you?

  • I excel at building authentic and trusted relationship and motivating and inspiring others to achieve results
  • I can perform dealership reviews to drive tangible, measurable change
  • I follow a prescribed coaching path and customize it to fit each dealership’s unique needs
  • I will drive toward results by enrolling the commitment and buy-in of others
  • I can quickly trouble-shoot objections & concerns diplomatically
  • I’m approachable. I have a confident but warm demeanor that adapts well to one-on-one and group discussions to inspire change
  • I have a strong business acumen and know how businesses work
  • I am able to connect effectively with all levels of employees, from coaching executive leadership (dealers) to training front lines; I can craft approaches likely to be seen as appropriate and positive; build constructive and effective relationships; use diplomacy and tact; I can diffuse even high-tension situations comfortably
  • I act with customers in mind; establish and maintain effective relationships with customers and gain their trust and respect
  • I am widely trusted; am seen as a direct, truthful individual; I can present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner; I keep confidences and admit mistakes
  • I can communicate a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose; I can create mileposts and symbols to rally support behind the vision; I can make the vision shareable by everyone; I can inspire and motivate entire units or organizations
  • I understand why groups do what they do; pick up the sense of the group in terms of positions, intentions, and needs; what they value and how to motivate them; I can predict what groups will do across different situations.
  • I am comfortable with technology and proficient in Microsoft Excel and will consistently document and update a business plan review spreadsheet



Education and Experience that will allow you to excel in this role:

  • ICF Certified
  • Retail or operations background with strong business acumen is a must
  • Extensive knowledge of the Canadian retail automotive industry would be an asset
  • Familiarity with all functional areas of the dealership – both fixed and variable operations would be an asset
  • Experienced in organizational change and coaching leaders
  • Experienced in customer satisfaction/customer engagement initiatives
  • Must be self-motivated and able to work independently with minimal supervision from remote locations
  • For Quebec Applicants - Fluent spoken & written English and French



  • We are currently looking for individuals in Western and Atlantic Canada as well as Quebec, with ability to travel