Position Details

Bilingual Customer Care Centre Account Coordinator

Automotive | Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

At Bond we design creative and innovative solutions for our clients, all with the goal of helping them build ever-stronger loyalty to their brands.  That can take us in some pretty amazing directions and, as a Bilingual Customer Care Centre Account Coordinator, you will have your hands on the wheel as we drive the future of loyalty. 

So, take a moment to ask yourself this:  Do you love speaking with clients?  Are you looking for an opportunity to be an expert on our Certification and Reward & Recognition program and problem solve issues for clients?  Yes?  Good.  This could be a great opportunity for you.  And us!

A typical day in this role might include:

  • Leveraging your exceptional customer service experience to lead an established participant Customer Care Centre including:
    • Building and maintaining integrity with clients and participants through effective resolution of issues, in a timely manner, and nurturing those relationships
    • Becoming the Subject Matter Expert for the proprietary online tracking system and ensuring data, and any required adjustments to participants records, are accurate and kept up-to-date
    • Maintaining the confidentiality of all participant information
    • Managing ongoing, relevant metric reports
  • Honing your project management skills by supporting day-to-day execution of various requirements across a variety of projects, including (as required):
    • Understanding client objectives, what success looks like, and how your work contributes to these goals
    • Coordinating and scheduling project, team, and client meetings
    • Supporting the timely flow of information and documentation of all client-related activity within the project team and to/from the client
    • Helping to develop, plan and manage project critical paths and timelines to meet delivery deadlines
  • Participate in other sector specific activities, as required and assigned

Do these statements describe you?

  • Pass the headbands, ‘cause I sweat the details
  • I am passionate about delivering great work to clients
  • I have 2 years of administrative experience
  • I am fluent in English and French
  • I thrive in fast-paced environments
  • When I work on a project, big or small, I’m driven by two words: Own it
  • I work hard to inspire the best in my team and myself
  • I’m big into asking questions and am always looking for new ways to grow
  • I can quote Henry Ford at the drop of a hat

Why Join Us?

We’re 400(ish) people working tirelessly together to make the world a more loyal place.  You’ll be joining a hyper-talented team with a galaxy of skillsets ranging from research to creative to digital and beyond.  You’ll have an excellent opportunity to grow, learn and make an impact as we tackle some of our clients’ biggest business challenges.  

If you’re looking to build your career, build your skills, and build bonds, apply today!