Sean Claessen, executive VP strategy and executive creative director, Bond Brand Loyalty, spoke with Chain Store Age about how retailers can build customer relationships and loyalty in the era of omnichannel engagement.

Today’s consumer is more empowered than ever before. How does this affect a retailer’s customer relationship strategy?

Retailers need to recognize that the customer relationship is less linear than before. We use the term ‘omnichannel,’ which means ‘any channel.’ However, we fail to recognize that the channels don’t come in a particular order and can switch back to other parts of the customer journey at any time.

For example, a retailer may see a customer downloading its coupon as a signal of intent to purchase. But customers now have many ways they can access coupons and promotions. They may be comparing promotions and actually putting you back in their consideration stage as opposed to the purchase stage.

How can retailers better target and build promotions that seamlessly respond to customer needs across all channels?

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