Our experts offer their POV on CPG brand loyalty and loyalty programs.

Coca-Cola is attempting to redefine loyalty programs with a revamped My Coke Rewards platform that features a bigger focus on mobile and suggests consumers prefer receiving perks and engaging with brands via bite-sized pieces of social media and personalized content over traditional rewards.

Coca-Cola has revamped the loyalty program to place a stronger focus on mobile and content-based solutions, such as social media. Members of My Coke Rewards can now interact with bite-sized pieces of interactive content and activities that are optimized for all mobile platforms, and offer perks to bump up customers to Bronze, Silver and Gold status levels.

“Mobile is a strategic high-ground, in loyalty,” said Sean Claessen, executive vice president of strategy and creative at Bond Brand Loyalty, Toronto, Canada. “It's, at once, a combination of communication conduit, unique identifier, and payment vehicle. Mobile adds utility to marketing, in a way that loyal customers appreciate, as part of an improved customer experience. As with any strategic high ground, it can't be abused - so Coke needs to respect the intimacy of this inbox, and the privacy of these pockets.”

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