A downloadable collection of loyalty reports and white papers penned by our thought leaders.

Charting a New Course for Airline Loyalty

It’s been close to 40 years since frequent flyer programs were introduced, offering Members amazing perks and benefits to loyal airline Members. It has since morphed into a complex business, with a greater number of status tiers and benefits, partnerships and ever-evolving travel rules and restrictions. To differentiate their Programs and drive Member satisfaction, airlines need to keep up with the shifting currents of airline Loyalty. 

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The New Currencies Are Coming!

In a marketplace that has become highly commoditized and heavily populated with look-alike points programs, many brands are struggling to set themselves, their products and services apart. What if there was a new way to create value for your customers and treat them uniquely, while delivering better business results for your brand?

Our latest report, The New Currencies Are Coming!, shows you how to modernize the customer experience to deliver on specific needs customers find valuable, such as time, ease, convenience and brain space.

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The Loyalty Report 2018

Loyalty is changing faster than ever before. Get the facts from the largest global study of its kind. The Loyalty game is changing faster than ever before. Escalating customer expectations, new players and a game board in flux are disrupting Loyalty and creating new opportunities for Programs to powerfully impact customer spend, choice, advocacy and retention. The Loyalty Report 2018 decodes this shape-shifting landscape, the changing rules of engagement, evolving Program boundaries, and more. It's time for marketers and Program operators to reimagine their strategy, rethink customer engagement, and rapidly iterate their next move.

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Common Pitfalls of Loyalty Program Design

Minding Loyalty Program design and planning gaps are critical to an effective customer engagement strategy. While any business can attempt to launch a Customer Loyalty Program, designing, planning, and executing a successful one requires significant expertise, enterprise commitment and unwavering attention to detail. As you plot a course for your new or renovated Customer Loyalty Program, steer clear of the common pitfalls.

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Tackling Fan Data Monetization In Professional Sports - Fan Loyalty Lessons from other Business Sectors

Traditionally, professional sports franchises have lagged behind other business sectors in creating Customer engagement strategies, as they have relied primarily on the emotional and often irrational fandom generated by their Fans. This white paper focuses on providing the insights, guidance and examples to help leading sports franchises build more effective loyalty and data collection programs that secure new revenue streams and engender and enhance Fan Loyalty in and out of venues.  

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The 2017 Loyalty Report

Are you ready for the battle of love and loyalty? Download the Executive Summary of The Loyalty Report 2017. Produced in collaboration with VISA, this is the largest study of its kind and it explores the changing attitudes and behaviours of over 28,000 North American consumers. 

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The 2016 Bond Loyalty Report

In collaboration with Visa, The Bond Loyalty Report, now in its sixth consecutive year, takes an in-depth look at consumer attitudes and behaviors towards loyalty and reward programs, covering most major industry sectors. Download the free 2016 Bond Loyalty Report executive summary report.

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Enterprise Customer Management

Place the customer at the center of every business decision and yield enterprise-wide success. By harnessing customer behavioral, transactional and social data, many organizations are embracing this defined discipline to help inform optimal decision making across all facets of their enterprises. Can you afford not to take the leap?

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The Love Matrix

Are customers loyal to the brand, or are they (just) loyal to the discount? The Love Matrix, the two-by-two matrix created by pivoting brand love and program love together, reveals some interesting insights related to brand loyalty and hints at effective strategies for marketers.

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