Ford Professional
Performance Program (p2p)

Ford engaged us to design, build, implement and manage a Performance Improvement System to help its Sales Channel become more effective.


Dealer feedback prompted Ford to evolve its training program into a Performance Improvement system.

Ford wanted a program that would:

  1. Communicate relevant product, program, market and industry information.
  2. Train dealership staff to enable them to gain the skills and knowledge they need.
  3. Motivate by recognizing outstanding behavior and rewarding outstanding results.


We brought together our expertise in Marketing Communications, Learning, Digital, Incentives and Loyalty to create p2p, a smart, progressive and effective program tailored to improve each team member’s performance. It is now the umbrella organization responsible for all Dealer-based training, certification, and reward and recognition for Ford.

p2p operates through a web-based learning management portal, located on Ford’s intranet. It allows real-time access to product information, curriculum, training resources and reporting tools at the corporate, regional, territory and Dealer level. It also allows for centralized and streamlined communications to participants, provides easier access to reports and metrics, enables simpler edits across all web elements, and provides a single point of contact for all inquiries.

p2p does not just train sales and service staff: it links training, certification, reward and recognition for the entire Ford Dealer body, including Dealers, Managers and frontline staff. p2p is a smarter, more-progressive, tailored and increasingly more-effective program designed to improve the performance of every dealership’s team members.

Participants follow 1 of 14 training paths tailored to their job roles, made up of required, recommended and elective courses. Elective course selection is support by a personalized skills assessment completed between the participant and the Manager. Wherever possible, required courses are established from new curriculum, so participants don’t need to complete the same courses year over year. Further, participants also have the option to test out of all courses once, saving them time on training. Gamification of the resources on the web portal has increased the learning and sustainment opportunities available to participants by encouraging them to take full advantages of all of the learning materials available and has increased engagement across the program.


  • p2p website visits are over 9 million per year – an increase of over 400% since the introduction of the Ford p2p Cup (a gamification solution) 
  • 7300 training plans created and nearly 175,000 web courses completed
  • 93% of the Sales audience and 82% of the Parts & Service audiences are certified – Certified Sales Consultants sell 86% more vehicles than their non-Certified counterparts and average 6 points higher on their customer satisfaction scores. Certified Service Advisors also boast 6 points higher customer satisfaction scores!
  • Engagement results demonstrate that the more time spent on p2p doing activities like reading supplementary material and watching videos, the higher the performance and customer satisfaction
  • p2p boasts a 92% top 2 box satisfaction rating from participants and a 90% top 2 box score on the relevance of training

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