HSBC Rewards
Credit Card Loyalty Program

The HSBC Rewards program is offered to all HSBC MasterCard Cardholders. Members earn points for transacting on their HSBC MasterCards, and can redeem points from an online catalogue of gift cards, merchandise, financial rewards and travel.


With over 73,000 Cardholders across Canada, 60% qualify the HSBC Premier Credit Card. HSBC required a partner to manage its robust rewards program.


We have managed HSBC’s Credit Card loyalty program end to end since 2005, including:

  • Integrated project management
  • Ongoing loyalty strategy and program evolution
  • Loyalty platform, infrastructure and technical support
  • Reward sourcing and fulfillment
  • Customized view of the rewards catalogue for each of the 4 eligible credit cards
  • Management of the HSBC Premier Credit Card referral program
  • Management of the Premier Privileges (show HSBC card and save) program
  • Program member support through our Member Contact Center


  • Doubled program membership since 2006
  • Averaging a 35% increase in redemptions year over year since 2007
  • Program has partnered with a variety of travel MilesSwap partners, including British Airways, KrisFlyer and Asia Miles  
  • Catalogue offers over 230 rewards

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