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Make Friends with BlackBerry:
Acquisition & Loyalty Program

An opportunity existed to use BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), the BlackBerry instant messaging service, to reward brand loyalty and drive new activations for BlackBerry outside of the business/enterprise sector. BBM was quickly becoming a competitive differentiator for the brand.


BlackBerry had been a device of the business/enterprise realm for some time, but was not known to focus on a more explicit consumer audience. BlackBerry identified BBM as a major differentiator for its products and uptake of BBM as a driver of affinity to the BlackBerry brand with newcomers, as well as motivation for repurchase with existing users.  In order to increase usage, we needed to show people what a more intimate messaging experience could be like. BlackBerry was also looking to continue the brand’s dedication to live music and musical artists more profoundly than just a cosmetic sponsorship.


Our solution was the Make Friends with BlackBerry program – an interactive real-time rewards program that took place at a series of summer concerts across Canada. This was the first time BlackBerry Messenger was used as both a call to action and an engagement mechanism in a creative campaign.

For the call to action, 2D BBM barcodes from multiple devices were recreated and inserted into a cross section of campaign creative, including print, promo, OOH and onsite signage. People could snap these barcodes to automatically become “friends” with the program. SMS calls to action were also included for non-BlackBerry users, as well as BlackBerry users who may not have had BBM 5.0 installed on their devices.

For the engagement mechanism, conversations with consumers were managed by a combination of contact center staff manning BlackBerry devices, and BlackBerry-wielding staff who responded to enquiries and managed the various benefits, unique privileges and giveaways onsite, i.e. skipping the line, getting water bottles on a hot day, and even back stage passes and viewings of sound check performances.

This highly personal mobile engagement that was rewarded with tangible benefits reinforced the message that life is better with a BlackBerry.


  • Over 25 million electronic impressions
  • Over 3,400 distinct individual comments
  • Over 713,000 music fans reached
  • Over 101,000 1:1 interactions
  • Over 6,900 new friendships
  • 16% engagement BBM Friendships and non-BlackBerry participants
  • 19% contest engagement
  • 3% active consideration on carrier/retailer offers
  • 17% intention through uptake of coupons
  • 3-5% retail lift measured by offer redemption

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