Customer Analytics

undefinedLoyalty prioritizes actions over promises.

Distinguishing what people do over what they say they will do or have done is where analytics lives up to the promise of loyalty. We provide insight into what loyal customers do differently than occasional customers, and how prospective or conquest customers differ from each of those groups. Hand-raisers, members, tokenized customers of all kinds — that’s our passion.

We cut to the heart of loyal behaviors, between regression analyses, decile breakdowns, micro-segmentation and migration planning — we tend to the world’s most beloved customer bases. Descriptive and diagnostic — through predictive analytics — that knowledge informs the way we grow best customer segments, leverage lookalikes, and love the lagging into longing for your brand.

  • SCENE Case Study

    SCENE Entertainment Loyalty Program

    SCENE is the top-rated program in Canada for customer satisfaction and customer referrals.


  • Millennial Loyalty Infographic

    Infographic: Millennial Loyalty

    Loyalty programs are more important for creating loyalty with Millennials than any other group.


  • 2016 Bond Loyalty Report

    Looking for loyalty? The 2016 Bond Loyalty Report

    Get North America’s leading report on consumer loyalty programs, attitudes and insights.