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Social LoyaltySocial Loyalty

If it’s right, we like it.

We’re not experts in all things social. We’re not going to recommend paid tweets, sponsored posts, or Instagram over Vine. Nor will we tend to prioritize a Facebook ‘like’ over a real opt-in to your own database ;) 

You will, however, hear us talk about audience matching, the right way to run referral programs on Facebook, and using social sign-on to identify known-customers in social spheres — separating the shouters from the true loyalists. 

We’re experts in applying social tactics with a loyalty lens. Our expertise is installing Loyalty mechanics into social media, and making sure it, too, serves the outcome of loyalty.


Mobile LoyaltyMobile Loyalty

‘Right’ in your pocket.

When it comes to loyalty, mobile is a strategic high-ground. But needs to be carefully considered. Sure, all at once, it’s a unique identifier, a conduit for communications, and (eventually, for the mass market) a payment mechanism. But we know customers have App-athy™ when it comes to loyalty, and value the privacy of their pockets.

So, if you can’t provide an honest-to-goodness utility for them — and store locator or small-screen eCommerce isn’t enough — then this isn’t a mode to inspire loyalty.

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    Blog: The Mobile Integration Dilemma

    Consumers are using their phones and are knocking on our virtual door, but are we ready to answer?


  • SynapzeSHOP Mobile Loyalty

    CPG Mobile Loyalty:
    Loyalty and savings in one app

    Build deeper relationships, collect purchase data and gain valuable insights.